What could you do with what you have learned in your lifetime except sharing it with others or use it to support others? Blogging seems a logical alternative in this digital era and I hope not to fall a slave under the SEO demands since my quest has always been for freedom.

I wish to share some of the most important personal discoveries I’ve made as an adolescent first, then as a medical doctor, a psychotherapist, an educator, and a Reiki practitioner.

I’ve been promoting wellness and awareness for decades. I believe in conscious evolution: as as our consciousness evolves, we are progressively in charge of our destiny. The human species, for the first time in recorded history, is in a privileged position of controlling its destination, based on the available knowledge of the current challenges we face. According to the Evolutionary Manifesto: “A completely new phase in the evolution of life on Earth has begun. It will change everything. In this new phase, evolution will be driven intentionally, by humanity.”

Science, technology, and spirituality (understood as the awareness of our interconnectedness) provide the tools for this conscious change.

I hope readers will be teased by the ideas presented her and will wish to interact with me. Welcome to my blog. I look forward to your comments

Silvia Casabianca

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